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The Effect of Vehicle Monitoring on Security in Intelligent Transportation
In recent years, the roads in large and medium-sized cities have been congested. People expect that the construction of traffic intelligence will improve existing traffic problems. According to the 12th Five-Year Plan for Road Traffic Safety and the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Road Traffic Science and Technology, authoritative sources predict that in the next 10 years, China’s investment in intelligent traffic will reach 182 billion yuan, which is huge. Development opportunities are unprecedented.
Road monitoring system is an important part of intelligent transportation, which is mainly divided into urban highway monitoring and highway monitoring. Urban road monitoring includes: electronic police management at intersections, information collection at gates and toll stations, etc. Highway monitoring includes monitoring of illegal vehicles such as overpasses, tunnels and other key sections as well as highway trunk lines, and records image basis for handling by the traffic control department.

Application of HD Video Surveillance in Intelligent Transportation
Traffic congestion is one of the most criticized “city diseases” in large and medium-sized cities in China. On the huge road traffic network, how to enhance traffic dispatch, regulate traffic behavior, and ensure traffic safety are issues that we urgently need to solve. Intelligent transportation emerges because it is the development direction of the future transportation system. Its goal is to establish an all-around, real-time, accurate, and highly efficient integrated transportation system so as to “safeguard security, improve efficiency, improve the environment, and save energy”.

With the development of high-definition video surveillance technology and the need of intelligent transportation, the current mature applications of video surveillance in the field of intelligent transportation mainly include: video surveillance systems for major roads and intersections in cities; and highway video for cities and cities. Monitoring system; assisting public security agencies in detecting cases to prevent the escape of vehicles and personnel from the city’s public security bayonet system; and an electronic police system for capturing illegal vehicles.

The main functions of high-definition video surveillance in intelligent transportation are as follows

1. Command and Dispatch Once a traffic jam or accident occurs, the command center can quickly access the on-site information through the video surveillance system and start rescue or take corresponding measures. Therefore, video surveillance can be a powerful assistant for relevant departments to respond quickly when dealing with emergencies.

2. The civil traffic supervision system monitors the driving conditions of the road vehicles at any time through the video surveillance system and discovers violations of the regulations. It can take photos and collect evidence, increase penalties, and can effectively control violations. Video surveillance has a very good civilized traffic supervision and deterrence.

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