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Development of 4G Communication in Vehicle Monitoring Industry
With the gradual strengthening of people’s safety awareness, public transportation safety has become a matter of great concern to the general public. Urban public transport, as an important part of urban transport, is the preferred means of transportation for low-carbon, green, and green travel promoted by the government and the public. However, since urban public transport belongs to public transport, there have been many blind spots in bus safety and public security management. Therefore, the government’s public security departments and transportation companies urgently need to monitor and manage the operation and management of urban public buses through wireless wireless video surveillance systems in order to ensure public safety on buses and effectively crack down on crimes and maximize protection. People's lives and property security.

Bus station monitoring system consists of three parts: terminal vehicle monitoring system, video monitoring platform, and bus dispatching system. The terminal vehicle monitoring system includes wireless vehicle-mounted terminals, on-board cameras, car pickups, on-board displays, vehicle-mounted GPS, and reporting stations. The driver can use the vehicle ignition or timer switch mode to make the vehicle terminal work. The vehicle terminal compresses and encodes the video information collected by the camera, transmits the video data to the video monitoring platform in real time through the wireless network, performs real-time video monitoring, real-time monitoring of the vehicle running trajectory, and realizes intelligent management of vehicle information. The vehicle terminal can also store high-definition images in the local hard disk. When the vehicle arrives at the terminal station, the management center staff can obtain the video data of the vehicle by replacing the vehicle hard disk or wi-fi wireless download.

As the government continues to increase investment in smart city construction funds, consumers will have greater market demand for security products. Security companies will focus on the needs of the consumer market in the future, applying the latest security technologies, networking technologies, etc. Security products can stand out in the fierce market competition. Therefore, after the advent of 4G technology, some security companies keenly saw its influence on the security industry, and introduced the application of 4G network technology to their products.

Wireless video surveillance systems are mainly connected through wireless communication technologies such as 3G, 4G and WIFI. In combination with traditional video surveillance, a new application model has been formed. The user can use a mobile phone or a computer as a monitoring terminal device to receive alarm information and view monitoring video anytime, anywhere. With the maturing of 4G technology, the future application field will also continue to expand, and the wireless monitoring field will usher in a new round of development space.

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